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VoIP & Conference System

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is digitizes the analog signal(Voice) and delivers it in real time on the IP Network(IP Network) in the form of Data packets.The biggest advantage of VoIP is the wide adoption of Internet and global IP interconnection, providing more and better services than traditional businesses. Through IP network VoIP can transmit voice, fax, video, data and so on. such as the unified message business, virtual telephone, voice/fax mail, directory services, Internet call center, Internet, phone video conference call management, e-commerce, fax store-and-forward and forward all kinds of information storage.

Our products offer a wide selection of PoE Switches, which widely applied to hotels, campuses, enterprise and other monitoring fields.

UNIPOE is the best choice for you!

VoIP & Conference System

Feature of solutions:
Less installation work if via PoE to power

UNIPOE PM3010GSN can provide the maximum 15.4W (based in standard 802.3af) to power VoIP terminal.

Multimedia decreases the meetings cost
Enterprise branches is not necessary to buy expensive meeting special professional facilities such as cameras and audio equipment. Using the media desktop terminals in the office space can easily join video conference, which greatly saves the enterprise cost.

Vlan partition, easy management
Effectively partition VOIP into different group for easy management. Effectively suppress broadcast storm, and avoid other network signal interference.

Professional service team.
UNIPOE high quality service team, will solve various problems for you, and provide you with professional selection, architectural guidance.
Mailbox Service: info@unipoe.com

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