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CCTV Surveillance

Video surveillance equipment is the foundation of security system. In the manufacturing market of security equipment, video surveillance products are account for 58%, which is the necessary devices for buildings and public places.

Megapixel camera, high-performance codecs, powerful analytical techniques and all the underlying technologies that facilitate the migration from CCTV to IP/ networked video. In the four major technical factors, the megapixel cameras, high-performance codec and IP network technology are associated with hd product, which represents the development direction of acquisition, decoding, network transmission of it.

CCTV Solution

Feature of solutions:
Less installation work, lower cost

Usually, the surveillance cameras are installed at the corner, beside the road or on the door head. Through the Ethernet cable to power surveillance equipment, can save the workload and less the installation cost.

Apply to various situations
As long as it involves security, surveillance cameras will be needed, it’s available to power the surveillance cameras via PoE switches. So PoE switches can be used for most of occasions. Such as: government office, financial area, community, school, Internet cafe, road and public places.

Small Electromagnetic crosstalk, strong power security
The Ethernet cable is susceptible to interference by strong magnetic field. If use PoE switch to power, the power supply of 220v is not required to be installed separately, so the factors of unclear or attenuated interference of the signal are reduced. Through PoE to power the network camera, because there is no no strong electricity in the front section, so the system security is good and won’t caused power accident. Especially in the places with high security requirements, the advantages are more obvious.

CCTV mode: 250m long distance PoE transmission
When turn to CCTV mode, the transmission rate of each port is reduced to 10M, it means the port transmission bandwidth is 10M and the transmission distance can be extended to 250 meters. This series of CCTV functions can be selected, customers can choose according to their demands.

SFP uplink, support long distance data transmission.

The maximum data transmission can reach up to 20Km, Gigabit optical fiber with high bandwidth can guarantee data to transmit safely and stably.

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