What Switches and Network Cables are Required to Realize PoE Power Supply over 100 Meters?


PoE power supply and POE powered switch, friends of weak VIP technology group have been discussing whether Poe power supply can exceed 100 meters in the end? This problem is really affected by many factors. Some friends have no influence on the power supply of more than 100 meters, while others have experienced instability in the power supply of 90 meters. Here we discuss it together. In fact, it is not necessarily that their PoE switch is good and high performance, because there are some fake PoE switches. Using fake, low-performance PoE switches as real, high-performance POE switches will damage the market of PoE switches and make users lose information.

We know the advantages of PoE switch in the routing of security monitoring system and the key points in the selection of PoE switch. In fact, many people are more concerned about the maximum transmission distance of the POE powered switch. Because the farther the transmission distance is, the lower the unit cost is. In order to save money for the hard-pressed security guards, there is another trick: using wireless bridges is to consider reducing the overall cost.

You must see the 200, 250 and 300 meters PoE power switch products advertised by the circle of friends or online. There will be a puzzle: the transmission distance of the wire is not 100 meters? What line can we use to reach the distance of propaganda?

Long-distance transmission over 100 meters must exceed 5 categories and be 8-core. At the same time, the switch is powered by 8 cores, and the camera must also be powered by 8 cores. Another key point is that POE powered switch supports network extension mode. After opening, the data transmission and power supply distance of the corresponding ports can reach more than 100 meters or even 150 meters when using more than five types of network lines.