Unipoe's visible LCD POE switches show on the MIPS2018


UniPOE presented the visible LCD POE Switches, commercial POE switches, industrial POE switches, high power POE switches and management switches on The MIPS2018 In March 19, 2018.

During the March 20th -23, UNIPOE showed that our product which were safe, stable, unique and perfectly showed the IOT technology to our customers from all over the world.

The Visible LCD POE Switches, which is independently developed by UNIPOE and has international patent authentication, is more convenient and intelligent to manage Ethernet and POE, PD devices through LCD screen. It greatly improves the management efficiency of large networks in public places such as enterprises, hotels, stores, government buildings. And its features such as Auto detect power device; Panel lights to monitor working state and help fault analysis; Supports VLAN function and CCTV model and so on had won the praise of the customers.

With its excellent quality in the outdoors, the excellent performance of the industrial POE switch, many customers were very interested in it. Some of them even wanted to buy the model in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, we showed the products, made technical explanations to the customers, made the onsite operation and visited the customers, the business idea of " Improve products, Value customers, Honest to society, love family " was vividly presented to local customers. Through this exhibition, we collected all kinds of feedback information from the customers in Russia and its surrounding areas, and provided valuable first hand information for the improvement of products and the development of new products.


UniPOE presented the visible LCD POE Switches

UniPOE presented the visible LCD POE Switches 2