The Difference between POE Switch And Hubs


In today's global networked era, the Internet has become a must for human life. As an important device for the establishment of a local area network: managed switch and hubs all play the role of a "hub" for data transmission in the local area network. So what is the difference between a POE switch and a hub?

The so-called switch is actually derived from the hub technology. If the difference between a switch and a hub is described in the simplest language, it should be the difference between smart and non-intelligent. The hub is just a device that connects multiple computers. It can only amplify and transmit signals, but it cannot process the fragments in the signal, so it is very error-prone during transmission. 

The POE switch can be seen as a smart hub, which includes all the features of the hub, as well as automatic addressing, switching, and processing. In the process of transmission, only the source and the receiver work independently, and there is no relationship with other ports, thereby preventing data loss and improving throughput.