Teach you to Understand the Important Parameters and Indicators of PoE Powered Switches (Third)


3. What is throughput

Throughput (also known as the overall packet forwarding rate) refers to the number of data successfully transmitted by networks, devices, ports or other facilities in a unit time (measured in bits, bytes, etc.). That is to say, throughput refers to the maximum data rate that devices can accept and forward under the situation of no frame loss.
Throughput is a limiting indicator, that is, network devices are fully equipped at all ports and operate at the highest line speed of the port. If the highway system connecting different cities mentioned earlier is still compared, the throughput of a switch is equal to the sum of traffic flow in and out of all cities in the system, that is, the sum of bidirectional packet forwarding rates of all ports of the switch. Throughput is mainly determined by the hardware of internal and external network ports of network devices, and the efficiency of program algorithms, especially program algorithms. For devices that need a lot of computation, the inefficiency of the algorithm will greatly reduce the traffic.

4. Differences in throughput and bandwidth

Two concepts are easy to confuse. Although both are Mbps in units, their meanings can be seen from their respective English names – throughput:throughout; bandwidth: Max net bitrate.
When we discuss the bandwidth of communication links, it generally refers to the number of bits that can be transmitted on the links per second, which depends on the total rate and channel coding, also known as line speed in computer networks.

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