Teach you to Understand the Important Parameters and Indicators of PoE Powered Switches (Second)


2. What is backplane bandwidth

Backplane Bandwidth of the switch, also known as switching bandwidth, is the maximum amount of data that can be throughput between switch interface processor or interface card and data bus. The backplane can be understood as a data bus inside a switch or router, where data between device ports is transmitted. If a network is compared to a transportation system, each network device is equivalent to a different city, and the backplane is like a highway connecting all the cities in the system. Traffic flows between cities need to pass through the highway. That backplane bandwidth is the largest non-blocking traffic flow of the expressway, of course, unlike the complex traffic conditions on the actual expressway, here we have to assume that the vehicles on the expressway are running at the highest speed at a constant speed.
Backplane bandwidth is the physical property of backplane, which indicates the total data exchange capacity of switch, also called switching bandwidth. The unit is Gbps (the amount of data that G bit transmitted per second). The backplane bandwidth of general switches varies from several Gbps to hundreds of Gbps. The higher the backplane bandwidth of a switch is, the more data it can process, but the higher the corresponding cost.

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