Stability and Energy Saving of POE Powered Switch


Is PoE stable?
From a technical point of view, PoE technology has developed for many years, and is now in a very mature stage. Standard PoE power supply is stable and safe enough. However, due to the pressure of cost in the monitoring market, the quality of POE powered switch or wire is too poor, or the design itself is unreasonable, the power supply distance is not arranged properly or too many high-power equipments are connected, resulting in insufficient power supply (especially when the night monitoring equipments start heating mode). Therefore, there is a widespread view of PoE power supply instability among engineers.
Network monitoring project is different from general network integrated wiring. It has a large amount of data transmission, high power, and requires uninterrupted work all day. The use of quality-assured POE equipment and wires is the guarantee of the stability of the whole system.

Do POE powered switches save energy?
As we all know, one of the major advantages of PoE power supply is energy-saving, but in what ways can energy-saving be embodied? Take the standard POE powered switch as an example.

POE powered switch automatically adjusts power according to power supply equipment. For example, when the temperature of an infrared ball machine is low, the power of opening heating function reaches 30 Wmax, and the power is 24 Wmax under normal conditions. PoE switching machine automatically adjusts power supply according to the operation status of the ball machine. Standard PoE switches can set the power supply cycle of PoE, automatically stop the power supply to the designated port terminals during holidays and nights, which not only saves energy, but also can set flexible usage mode in some scenarios.
Standard PoE switch monitors all port status in real time. If the port status is down, the system will automatically stop the power supply to the port and enter the energy-saving mode, which saves energy and ensures the stable operation of normal equipment.