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Rz7000-sc series switches are enterprise-class tower core switches launched by UNIPOE for campus network, and enterprise network.  

This series of products adopt the industry's advanced distributed multi-level switching matrix architecture, and further integrate IPv6, MPLS VPN, network security, traffic analysis, virtualization and other network services on the basis of providing high-performance L2/L3/L4 line-speed switching services. Combined with a variety of high reliability technologies such as uninterrupted upgrade, uninterrupted forwarding, elegant restart, redundancy protection, so as to ensure the longest uninterrupted communication capability of the network. From the advanced"GreenTouch"concept and the industry leading"Smart@CHIP"intelligent chip green energy saving technology, deep energy saving, greatly reduce the energy consumption of equipment, low carbon environmental protection, effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs, provide a perfect solution for the green and sustainable development of the network.

The RZ7000-SC series core switches are available in the following formats: RZ7000-3P-SC, RZ7000-6P-SC, and RZ7000-10P-SC to meet the port density and performance requirements of different networks.

Product features:

1. Advanced hardware architecture design, industry-leading powerful processing capacity

Designed for 40G platform, it adopts the industry's advanced distributed multilevel switching matrix architecture, equipped with high-performance ASIC switching chips and multi-core processors, and meets the requirements of high performance, high capacity, high density and scalability of operational core equipment.

Supports high-density 10-GIGABit SPUs, and implements three-layer full-line speed non-blocking switching between boards. Supports expansion to 100GE ports.

2. Operational high reliability

Based on the Hitless Protection System (HPS), the RZ7000-SC adopts redundancy design for key components, such as the main control unit, power supply System, and fan System. All System modules are hot-swappable, enabling seamless switchover in case of failure without manual intervention.

The RZ7000-SC supports STP, RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, and simple and efficient redundancy protection mechanisms such as ring network protection, dual-uplink active/standby link protection, and LACP link aggregation.

Supports in-service Software Upgrade (ISSU) services without interrupting system upgrades and Graceful Restart (GR) to Restart routing protocols such as FOR OSPF and BGP, ensuring uninterrupted forwarding of user data during system upgrades and main control switchover.

The ultra-high precision BFD bidirectional link detection mechanism implements fault detection and service recovery at the millisecond level by interworking with Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols, greatly improving network system reliability.

The complete Ethernet OAM mechanism supports 802.3AH, 802.1AG, and ITU-Y.1731. It can quickly detect and locate faults by monitoring network running status in real time.

The high reliability design of rZ7000-SC hardware and software can meet the failure recovery time requirement of carrier-class service of 50ms, and truly achieve the high reliability of 5 core equipment of operation class of 9 (99.999%).

3. Innovative VSS virtualization cluster switching technology

Rz7000-sc supports innovative BDCOM Virtual Switch System (BVSS) virtualization cluster switching technology, which can virtualize multiple physical devices into one logical device. The performance, reliability, flexibility and management of its virtual system are incomparable to those of independent physical devices.

Double performance: The virtualization system can make full use of each link between physical devices, avoiding link congestion caused by the spanning tree protocol in the traditional networking model, doubling performance and maximizing link investment.

High reliability: based on the advanced distributed processing technology, through efficient across physical equipment link aggregation function, achieve logic control plane, the business control plane and data plane of three plane separation, three layer to provide uninterrupted routing forwarding, to avoid the single point of failure caused by interruption of business, greatly improve the reliability of the virtual system.

Flexibility: The RZ7000-SC series supports service card stacking and flexible stacking modes. It can extend the distance of virtual cluster system up to 80KM, which is flexible and convenient, breaking the geographical restriction of traditional cluster technology.

Easy management: The entire virtual system can be centrally managed by a single IP address, and physical devices are transparent to users. This simplifies the management of network devices and network topology, greatly improves network operation efficiency, and effectively reduces operation and maintenance costs.

4. Rich service features

Perfect layer 2 and layer 3 multicast routing protocols meet the access requirements of IPTV and multi-terminal HD video surveillance and HD video conference;

Complete layer 3 routing protocols, large routing table capacity, meet the needs of various types of network interconnection, can build super large campus network, enterprise network and industrial user private network.

It supports layer-2 and Layer-3 MPLS VPNS and can form large-sized MPLS VPN core networks to meet the access requirements of VPN users of industrial private networks and enterprise networks.

5. Comprehensive IPv6 solution

Supports the IPv6 protocol family and IPv6 features such as IPv6 neighbor discovery, ICMPv6, Path MTU discovery, and DHCPv6.

Supports IPv6 based Ping, Traceroute, Telnet, SECURE Shell (SSH), and access control list (ACL), meeting the requirements of IPv6 network device management and service control.

Supports IPv6 multicast features such as MLD and MLD Snooping and Layer-3 routing protocols such as IPv6 static routes, RIPng, OSPFv3, and BGP4+, providing sophisticated IPv6 layer-2 and Layer-3 solutions.

Supports various IPv4 to IPv6 transition technologies, including IPv6 manual tunnel, automatic tunnel, 6TO4 tunnel, and ISATAP tunnel, to ensure smooth transition from aN IPv4 network to an IPv6 network.

6. Comprehensive safety mechanisms

Device-level security defense: Advanced hardware architecture design, the hardware implements hierarchical packet scheduling and protection, supports the defense against DoS, TCP SYN Flood, UDP Flood, broadcast storm, and heavy traffic attacks. Hierarchical command line protection is supported. Users at different levels have different management rights.

Complete security authentication mechanism: supports IEEE 802.1x, Radius, and BDTacacs+, providing a complete security authentication mechanism for users. Enhanced service security mechanism: Supports plaintext or MD5 authentication of related routing protocols, and supports uRPF reverse route search technology, which can be effectively controlled

Illegal business; Hardware-level packet in-depth detection and filtering supports in-depth detection of control packets and data packets, effectively isolating illegitimate data packets and improving network security.

7. Innovative green design

Rz7000-sc inherits bDA's advanced"GreenTouch"concept, with a maximum power of only 1000W, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Intelligent power management system: THE RZ7000-SC adopts advanced power system architecture design to realize efficient power conversion, unique power monitoring, slow start, sequential power on and other functions, real-time monitoring of the machine running status, intelligent adjustment, deep energy saving.

Intelligent fan management system: Intelligent fan design, support automatic speed control and independent partition control, effectively reduce speed, reduce noise, and prolong the service life of fans.

Supports energy-efficient Ethernet and complies with the international standard IEEE 802.3AZ, effectively reducing energy consumption.

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