POE Powered Switch VS Common Powered Switch


Common powered switch: Most of them are Ethernet switches with data transfer functions. In practical networking applications, you can simply imagine it as a plug-in. Of course, its function is much more powerful than that of a plug-in. POE switch: POE powered switch has the function of power supply in addition to the functions of common switches. With this function, POE switches can supply power to network cameras, wireless AP, network phones and other network devices, so that they can be free from complex power wiring. The advantages of POE switches 1. Advanced technology: With a single network cable, it can transmit data and power at the same time, which is more advanced than using multiple lines. 2. Convenient wiring: As no extra power wiring needed, in the large and medium-sized monitoring systems, it can greatly save investment costs. 3. Cost saving: As for engineering, the use of POE switches can reduce the cost of labor and material and reduce the difficulty of maintenance in the later period. 4. High security: Because there is no direct strong power supply and strong circuit, it can help improve the security.