95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector
95W 10G PoE Injector

95W 10G PoE Injector

Model NO.
PM9501TIN V1

Product Overview

The PoE Injector PM9501TIN V1 fully complies with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard, and can work with all IEEE 802.3af /at /bt PoE compliant PD (Powered Devices) or PoE Receiver Adapters or other equivalent product, to expand your network to where there are no power line or outlet, where you wish to fix device such as AP, IP Camera or IP Phone, etc.

This Injector has Legacy bt, bt, UPoE three levels can be toggle switch.high-power power supply, which mainly solves the problems of high deployment cost, long construction period, unstable power supply, difficult operation and maintenance management, low safety factor caused by the power supply system that needs to be deployed separately for high-power terminal power supply.It can be widely used in the new and reconstruction scenes of weak current to meet the power supply demand of high-power terminal in monitoring, access control, information release, parking lot, DDC and other systems.

Product Features

  • Complies with IEEE802.3af/at/bt Standard;
  • Use 4 pairs of power supply, and output power more;
  • Auto detect power device;
  • Support PoE power up to 95W ;
  • Remote power and Data feeding up to 100m;
  • Gigabit Internet port;
  • built-in Power, Plug-and-play, requires no configuration;
  • Intelligent protection and power supply;
  • Working temperature:  0 ℃ to 40 ℃;
  • Small iron case design;
  • Up to 4 installation methods;
  • This switch has Legacy bt, bt, UPoE three levels can be toggle switch;

Product Specifications


PM9501TIN V1


Data in: 1x10/100/1000/10000Mbps RJ45 Port

PoE Out: 1x10/100/1000/10000Mbps RJ45 Port

PoE Standard


PSE Power on RJ-45

1/2(-), 3/6(+)

4/5(+), 7/8(-)

Key function

Legacy bt/bt/UPoE

PoE Power Output

54V DC, 95W Max

Power supply


Input Power Supply

AC 100-240V  50/60Hz

Operation Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operation Humidity

10%~90% RH  non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5%~90% RH  non-condensing


172 *100*41 mm

LED Indicator

PWR(Green) , UPoE(Green), bt(Green), Legacy bt (Orange), PoE Usage(90%, 60%, 30%)(Green)

Network Media(Cable)

10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 5 cable (≤100m)
100BASE-TX: UTP category 5,5e cable (≤100m)

1000BASE-T: UTP category 5e,6 cable(≤100m)

10000BASE-T: UTP category 6,6e cable(≤100m)

Surge Protection

Ethernet: Difference Mode: ±6KV,  Common mode: ±6KV
Power: Difference Mode: ±4KV,  Common mode: ±6KV


>50000 hours

Electrostatic standard

Contact 6KV,air 8KV

The front panel:

"PoE out"for the PSE output port, the maximum output power of 95W,"Date in"as the data link port.

Intelligent display of PoE power supply

When using the PoE power supply to connect the PD equipment, you should wait patiently for about 10S.

When toggle the DIP switch to bt mode for power supply. the"bt/ Legacy bt"light will be green , When toggle the DIP switch to Legacy bt mode for power supply, the"bt/ Legacy bt"light will be Orange, When toggle the DIP switch to UPoE mode for power supply, the"UPoE"light will be green.

Through the panel on"PoE Usage"green lights, the user can understand the real-time status of the PoE output PM9501TIN V1, when the output power reaches 30%-50%, 30% green LED lights, when the output power reaches 60%-80%,"30% to 60%"green LED lights. When the output power is up to 95%, PoE Usage the indicating lamp will light green.

Grounding column

The machine already comes with lightning protection mechanism. You can also ground the machine through the PE (Protecting Earth) cable of AC cord or with Ground Cable.

Ordering information


product information

PM9501TIN V1

95W 10G PoE Injector


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