Monthly Reword, Unipoe Sales Team Achieve a New High Point!


Not every effort will pay off. But every return must be paid!
In the era of IOT ”+”, We only have to constantly charge ourselves, to survive in this fast-growing society
People who are better than you are not terrible,The scary thing is that people who are better than you work harder than you.

Assistant to the president Mr. Johnson Start the event

Sell the best product in the world -- not your car, not your house, but yourself.

Before you successfully sell yourself to others,

You must sell yourself to yourself 100%.

The Management Team Sharing

Executive vice-president Mr.Liu told us about the importance of sales, and having a good attitude, there is no bad thing. With a good attitude, whether you live, work, or diplomacy, you will bring unexpected gains. The mentality determines one's success or failure. A good attitude is to start from every little thing around us, do things that others don't want to do; do things that others can't do; do things that others can't do, Only in that case,they can succeed.

Award ceremony

Sales star

Excellent seller sharing experience

Domestic brand Department Sales Manager Ms.Liu

It must be remembered that the time we study is limited. Time is limited, not only because of short life, but also because of the complexity of people. We should strive to use all our time to do the most beneficial things.

OEM Department Sales champion Mr.Li
The first impression delivered to the customer at the time of sale: I am your friend. I am meeting with you today to make friends with you. All the top players are people who will take the customer as their family.

Domestic brand Department Potential Salesman Mr.Chen
Looking at your own products is like watching your own children, how to see how you like them. Love yourself, love your products, love your team and love customers.

Oversea Department Sale Director Ms.Yvette
Because the money gives me the motivation to work overtime until 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the sales should always ask themselves three questions: 
Why should I be worthy of help? 
Why should the customer help me to introduce?
Why do customers pay me?

Overseas Department  Manager Ms.Miggie

Sales is the transmission of confidence, negotiation is the contest of determination; sales is to build feelings, sales is to gain trust.

The essence of management is to motivate people. Youlipu holds a performance commendation meeting every month to build a performance benchmark. Through the power of role models, it mobilizes the enthusiasm of partners to make efforts, so that employees can fight for you. Consciousness, organically combines the company's development with its own value, transforms the driving force into a driving force, and achieves a win-win situation between the company and its employees. Thank you again for your efforts for the company!