Management Switch PK Non-management Switch, who do you Support?


Non-managed switches:


1. Cheap price, save expenditure;
2. Dense number of ports;
3. Plug and play, fool operation, flexible deployment!

1. Non-network management Industrial Ethernet switches have limited functions and are suitable for household or small-scale networks.
2. ARP protection, MAC address binding and VLAN partition are not supported.
3. End users connected to industrial Ethernet switches without network management are in the same broadcasting domain. Broadcasting storms will break out, which can not be protected and suppressed. They are prone to congestion, blocking and flooding, resulting in the paralysis of the whole network.
4. The reliability of data transmission is poor and the phenomenon of packet loss is serious.
5. Single assembly can not be applied in large and medium-sized networks, which has great limitations on network upgrade and expansion.

Managed Switches
1. The backplane has large bandwidth and faster data forwarding speed.
2. It can manage industrial Ethernet switch network flexibly and apply access layer of large and medium-sized network.
3. Provide flexible ports; support the division of Vlan, users can divide areas for different applications, effectively control and manage the network, and further suppress the broadcast storm.
4. Network management Industrial Ethernet switch has high data throughput, low packet loss rate and low delay.
5. Load balancing can be achieved by binding multiple Ethernet ports together.
6. It has ARP protection function to further reduce ARP spoofing and MAC address binding.
7. It is easy to expand and flexible to use. It can be managed by network management software, and can also be accessed remotely through its own access control, so as to increase the security and controllability of the network.

1. It is slightly more expensive than the non-network management industrial Ethernet switch.
2. Compared with the non-network management Industrial Ethernet switch, the operation is more complex and needs to be configured.
By comparison, managed switches are still slightly better. However, the size has a short inch and a long inch. The management switch has strong power, strong performance and good stability. It is suitable for large-scale network environment. Non-managed switches, plug-and-play, easy to manage, and relatively affordable, are widely used in small-scale network construction.