Lay the groundwork|The fifth anniversary party of Unipoe in 2019


The advance of The Times, the development of the brand Every Unipoe's employees, have the same dream At that night,The cream of the crop gathered here The fifth anniversary party of Unipoe in 2019 Feast with the guests at that night.

Host Johnson cao, Nick zhang and Sally announced the official start of the fifth anniversary party of Unipoe

《My Craft》band

The opening song is "Fade to black" brought by the children band. The name is "My Craft" by wenxu media,This is a group of children with an average age of 10 who have won many national band competitions in previous years.

Elite award:glory and brilliance

Highlight of the evening: the art performance is breathtaking

The annual party presented beautiful dances and fantastic songs for the audience, which attracted the admiration of the audience.

Surprise raffle: "koi koi" at the party
The live atmosphere of the program was warm, and applause broke out at every wonderful place and what push atmosphere to climax again and again, it is the activity of 3 round lucky draw of annual party.

Looking back on the past brilliant, do not forget to go hand in hand Reunion tonight again, Thanksgiving with the dream of endeavour Looking forward to the future, we can help Unipoe move towards greater ideals Set sail towards the new goal, cast a new brilliant.