Large Demand for Smart Network Switches


From the product functions

The management of switches generally supports WEB-based graphical management and SNMPv1/v2c/v3 based network management standard protocols; it does not support traditional CLI command lines, as well as Telnet, Consloe local console and other management methods. The function of the switch supports the common functions required by the vast majority of commercial users, meeting 80% of the commercial users’ switch function requirements on the market. However, the functions of the common switches are not all the functions of the current managed network switches. The price of the switch is only a little higher than that of the unmanaged network switch, which is much lower than that of the full managed network switch, and the WEB-based management also makes the configuration and maintenance of the switches relatively easy.

From the features of the product

The "smart switch" or "smart network management switch" meets the needs of many commercial users for Ethernet switches: its certain management function can meet the development of enterprise applications; its low price can ensure the return to investment ratio of network infrastructure; its easy management configuration ensures convenient installation and maintenance. It can be said that the smart switch provides the user with the functions of the managed network  switch at the price of an unmanaged network switch, as well as the simple installation and maintenance of the unmanaged network switch.

From the target user of the product

In the beginning, it is the small and medium business users around the world (usually the network size is around 200 points) that quickly accept this product category which fully meets the market needs, and then some of the larger business users and some enterprise users begin to do so. In turn, because of the continuous and rapid growth of product sales, the product line of smart switches is becoming increasingly richer, it is developing from the original 10/100M smart switch to current full Gigabit smart switches. Now, there are stacked 10/100M smart network switch, stacked full Gigabit smart switches and PoE network power supply smart switches with diverse types on the market. The abundant product line of the smart switch further expands its application range. In summary, the smart switch we are talking about can be defined from three key points: From the point of view of the network management, it supports WEB-based graphical management and SNMP network management protocol and removes the complex CLI command line that business users need to learn through professional training. From the point of view of the management functions, it retains the common functions of the traditional full managed network switch required by most commercial users. From the point of view of price, they are getting closer and closer to that of unmanaged network switches.