Amazing丨UNIPOE Obtain “China XUELIANG Project” Recommended Brand


Security product development new engine
In 2018, During “XUELIANG Project” construction period, the China Public Safety Magazine has taken the opportunity to launch a new column “XUELIANG Project”  as a series of in-depth reports for the year. At the end of the year.The magazine selected “First XUELIANG Project” Recommended Brands, total of 52 companies have obtained.

Security product development new engine

“First XUELIANG Project” Recommended Brands medal presentation
The name of the “Xueliang project” is taken from the eyes of the masses are sharp. Why should we carry out this construction across the country, because of its profound construction background: the first reason for this is that urban and rural areas are still weak relative to cities in terms of security construction; Second, due to the large area of urban and rural areas and the large population, the increase in public security police force is far from meeting actual demand. Public security organs need to use high-tech technical defense products to achieve unified management and planning of public security in the areas under their jurisdiction, and to improve the level of public security organs' control over local social security; Third, the selection of products for urban and rural security construction is limited by economic capacity and different places of use. The selected products are uneven, mainly for low-end products, with simple functions, backward technology and poor system stability; At the same time, security manufacturing companies have not launched targeted products based on the needs of the urban and rural security market. Because the urban and rural security requirements equipment function is not necessarily complicated, but the performance must be stable; subject to budgetary impact, the demand for products is more emphasis on cost performance; due to the limitations of urban and rural night lighting conditions. The selected camera requires night vision function; the massive storage system needs node-type storage products to share the pressure of centralized storage, etc. These are issues worthy of security enterprise thinking. The construction of Xueliang project not only brings unlimited business opportunities,also will definitely lead to customized development products. At the same time, many high-end product applications are cited.

Facing the market challenge, the continuous upgrading of products is the long-term way.
Five years ago, as a brand new brand,UNIPOE entered the communication products and service provider industry, relying on the feedback of users in the process of product use, we solved the problem through continuous upgrading, bringing users a good experience. Growing up with users has come to the present day, which also makes us realize that only by constantly upgrading the product, we can go further.

A company environment with strong sense of technology, let you have a feeling of entering the technology world

Keep the strategy to maintain the strength for a long time
UNIPOE-优力普, the full name of Guangdong UNIPOE Technology Co., Ltd., is China's leading provider of video security, IOT and wireless communication solutions.

Founded in 2014, the company has been adhering to the safety, stability and distinctive design concept since its first research and development. It has been continuously innovating. So far, the company's products include POE, WIFI and Ethernet. , NB-IOT, Video Surveillance, etc., has been widely used in real estate, finance, operators, government, military, education, transportation and many other areas, including HD surveillance, Pingan Prison, WIFI coverage, VoIP calls, FTTH, smart home Comprehensive application of smart farms, smart cities, etc., with more than 100 key industry project implementation cases; after years of hard work and precipitation, it has successfully achieved leap-forward development in the IOT era.

Adhering to the company's, partner and customer win-win business philosophy, UNIPOE is gradually becoming a diversified international company, and its products are marketed in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, and consistently committed to Help customers get high quality solutions and services. Today, UNIPOE will create a more free and broad future of the Internet for customers around the world with the vision of creating a Free and comfortable life (everything visible, all things connected) and using the expertise in the field of network and Internet of Things communication.

Dare to compete, Be brave in the trend
Unlike the average manufacturing company, compared with the constant pursuit of higher performance.”UNIPOE is more focused on technology leadership” is one of the company's top strategies

Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the R&D team. There are more than 120 R&D personnel, 80% of whom have bachelor degree or above, and they form a team of elites with a strong learning atmosphere. More than 100,000 training expenses are invested every year, and more than 30 patents have been applied for at home and abroad!

Adhere to this focus strategy, Continuous research and development investment in the field of UNIPOE, Driven by market demand and cutting-edge technology, UNIPOE is always at the forefront of the industry and leads the industry.

At present, more than 50% of the company's market is overseas. So there will be a need for business trips, friends who like to travel abroad pay attention to.

Heart connect family

Colleagues not only work together on weekdays, but the company also creates opportunities (strategic meetings, tours, dinners, club events, etc.) to keep everyone entertained and happy together. Everyone in this mode of getting along will have a better understanding and more feelings in their work.

This is the real UNIPOE