How To Use POE Ethernet Switch


First of all, the "POE ethernet switch" we're talking about here is a household ethernet switch or a switch used for smaller network, this type of switch is usually idiotic. Large POE ethernet switches require more complex configurations, not to mention them. So, how to use household, small ethernet switches?  It is very simple, in a word: plug in can be used. That means connect to the power and connects to the Internet can be used.

If you want more computers at home can on the web, and there aren't enough routers or modem interfaces, at this time, you can use one or more switches, the switch is full of LAN ports, the router is connected to the router's LAN port.

If you connect the outdoor network directly to the POE ethernet switch. Then connect to the computer, dial a number on a computer to access the Internet, at this time, the switch has little effect, you connect to the switch on the other computer can not be connected to the network.

The right way is to connect the router or modem outside, dial on the router or modem, and then connect to the switch and computer, in this way, the computer connects to the other ports of the poe ethernet switch can be connected to the Internet.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the different connection of the network wire: Same equipment crossovers line,heterogeneous equipment directs line, routers and computers belong to the same type of equipment, poe ethernet switches and computers belong to heterogeneous devices. 

However, the current network cards are generally self-adaptive, regardless of the crossover line, the direct line.