How to Use and Select POE Powered Switches


The poe powered switch is also equivalent to a power line. It supplies power to wireless AP, network telephone, network camera and other devices through the network line, which not only effectively solves the power supply problem of distance restriction, but also centralizes the management of downlink equipment.

Although this approach is very simple, it really involves selection and use. I am afraid that it is not so simple, otherwise there will not be so many views of the so-called "instability", "unnecessary" and so on.

Therefore, while using poe powered switches to supply power to the equipment, the engineers need to pay attention to the following problems to ensure the normal operation of the network:


Keep away from non-standard as far as possible

The poe powered switches are mostly standard, including a small number of non-standard powered switches. The reason for the existence of non-standard is not that the cost is low, but because some places can also use non-standard. But non-standard poe powered switches have security risks, such as burning down the network devices connected to them. When using non-standard poe powered switches, the supply voltage must be the same as the voltage of the electrical equipment.

Standard poe powered switches are more secure. They can automatically connect the network devices connected to them. Only the network devices supporting PoE power supply will the poe powered switch start to supply power to ensure the safety of the electrical equipment.

Choose the right model

There are many types of poe powered switches, with 4, 8, 16, 24 ports, 100 and Gigabit port transmission rates, 60 W, 150 W, 250 W, 400 W power supply. It needs to choose the right number of ports and port transmission rate.

The utilization rate of port transmission rate of poe powered switch is about 40-60%. If a network theoretically uses 100 mbp poe powered switch,  we can choose gigabit switch. In addition, the power of infrared lamp must be taken into account in monitoring cameras such as infrared lamp.