How to Choose Suitable POE Powered Switch?


1. Power of your own device The power of the POE powered switch should be in proportion to your own device. If the power of your device is below 15W, then choose a POE powered switch that supports the 802.3af standard. If the power is greater than 15W, then select an 802.3at-standard high power switch.

2. Physical ports First of all, we must know the number of switch interfaces, the number of optical fiber ports, network management, rate (10/100/1000M) and so on. At present, the interfaces on the market are mainly 8, 12, 16 and 24. Optical fiber ports usually are 1 or 2, and we must check that they are hundred megabytes or gigabytes. It is determined according to the situation.

3. Power supply parameters According to the power supply protocol (such as 802.3af, 802.3at, or non-standard POE) supported by the receiving terminal (AP or a network camera), we can choose appropriate switches, and the power supply protocol supported by the switch needs to be consistent with the that of the receiving terminal. There are many security risks in non-standard POE powered switches. It is recommended to choose the standard 48V POE powered switch.

4. Wiring scheme Users can compare the cost of wiring with terminal local cabling and the cost of wiring with power supply by POE powered switch. At present, the power supply distance of POE powered switches is within 100 meters. There is no layout limit, and the total cost can be saved by about 50%. As the wiring range is within 100 meters, we can flexibly expanse the network without the power line layout restrictions, we can install the wireless AP, network cameras and other terminal equipment on the wall or ceiling, thus making a flexible expansion, easy wiring, beautiful and generous.