How to Choose PoE Switch for Security Monitoring and Wireless Coverage?


There are many kinds of PoE switches, ranging from 100 Mbp to gigabit, and then to all Mbp. There are also differences between non-network management and network management, and the number of different ports.

To choose the right switch, comprehensive consideration is needed. An example is given to illustrate the need for high-definition monitoring.
Step 1: Select a standard PoE switch

Step 2: Select 100 or Gigabit PoE switches
In the actual scheme, it is necessary to synthesize the number of camera paths, the selection of camera resolution, bit rate, frame number and other parameters. Some mainstream monitoring equipment manufacturers provide professional bandwidth computing tools, users can use the tools to calculate the required bandwidth, so as to select the appropriate PoE switch.

Step 3: Select an AF or AT standard PoE switch
Select according to the power of monitoring equipment. For example, using a well-known brand of camera, power 12W max, in this case we need to choose the switch of AF standard. The power of a high definition ball machine is 30W max. In this case, the switch of at standard should be selected.

Step 4: Select the number of ports on the switch
PoE switches can be divided into 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports and 24 ports according to the number of ports. We can choose according to the power, quantity, location of monitoring equipment, power supply of switch and price.