Gigabit Switch Poe 16 Port Core Technologies


Power supply of whole gigabit switch POE 16 port is 400w

Super power ensures full load operation of 16-port

The output power of a single port is up to 30W, it supports the iEEE802.3 af / at protocol and provides a guarantee for the stable operation of wireless AP and surveillance cameras without fear of burning out the power-receiving equipment.

Ultra - strong lightning protection

Yolipu professional port lightning protection design, when the outdoor lighting, you no longer have to worry about your equipment damage.

100m long distance transmission

Solve the problem of distance power collection easily

Support switch multi-level connection, extend power supply distance flexibly, avoid the trouble of taking electricity from remote equipment, provide power supply for the stable operation of remote monitor and control.

Power supply intelligently,safeguard priority

Support port power supply priority, intelligent diagnosis, automatic repair, when the terminal AP, CPE have an abnormal operation, the gigabit switch POE 16 port can diagnose the fault intelligently, and carry on the automatic repair to ensure the normal operation of the business. Do not need manpower to restart the terminal, improve efficiency, save operating cost.

Abundant network management function

Network management function POE:

◆ Support Console command line, Web network management, SNMP (v1/v2c) and other management ways.

◆Identity filtering detection technology, at the same time, the network management control special port can be configured to enhance configuration security.

◆Support port bidirectional data monitoring, monitor network running state with network analysis software in real-time.

◆Support Web page data backup and recovery, upgrade online.

It is really easy without configuration

Each port supports MDI/MDIX automatic flipping and duplex / rate self-negotiation, no matter direct or across the network, the gigabit switch poe 16 port can be connected to other network device ports, so that it can be truly plug and play.

Ultra - strong heat dissipation and no fear of high temperature

Built-in industrial grade components, steel shell appearance, both sides adopt the dense honeycomb heat dissipation design, heat dissipation is more efficient, it is easy to deal with all kinds of harsh environment.