Four Connection Methods of OE Switches


We have learned a variety of power supply modes of monitoring, including mention of POE power supply. Some friends have some questions about POE power supply, which has been asked by many friends before, so today we will use graphics to understand several power supply modes and connection methods of POE.

Four Connection Methods of poe powered switch First, Both Switch and Terminal Support POE

Using this method, the POE switch is directly connected to the wireless AP and network camera supporting POE power supply through the network cable. This method is the simplest, but two points need to be noted as follows:

1. Determine whether poe powered switch and wireless AP or network cameras are standard POE devices.
2. To carefully confirm the specifications of the purchased wires and the quality of the wires is critical. Poor quality of the wires will lead to that AP or IPC is unable to be powered or restarted continuously.

Second, switches support POE and terminals do not support POE

In this scheme, the poe powered switch comes out to connect the POE separator. The POE separator separates the power supply into data signals and power. There are two output lines, one is the power output line, while the other is the network data signal output line, that is, the ordinary network line. The power output has 5V/9/12V and so on, which can match all kinds of non-POE receiving terminals in DC input and support the standard of IEEE 802.3af/802.3at. The data signal output line, i.e. the ordinary network line, can be directly connected to the network port of the non-POE receiving terminal.

Third, switches do not support POE and terminals support POE

For this scheme, switches connect to the POE power supply, and POE power supply will be added to the network, and finally transmittedto the terminal. This scheme is conducive to expanding the original wiring network, and has no impact on the original network.

Fourth, switches do not support POE and terminals do not support POE

In this scheme, the switch is connected to POE power supply, then to POE separator, and finally to the terminal. Schemes 3 and 4 are suitable for the transformation of traditional network, that is, some places that the original switch does not support POE power supply, but they also want to take advantage of the advantages of POE power supply.