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Chinese New Year(our Spring Festival) is coming soon , kindly let you know that we will take our holiday on 28th Jan. and will come back to work on 14th Feb.
Warmest congratulations the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China!
A Great Party, with great achievements!
UNIPOE has always attached great importance to the training of employees.
The first day working after Chinese New Year, and today every UNIPOE member can get a "Money Gift”.
UNIPOE would like to take this Spring Festival to express our gratitude for your continued trust and support in the whole year,2020.
The advance of The Times, the development of the brand Every Unipoe's employees, have the same dream At that night,The cream of the crop gathered here The fifth anniversary party of Unipoe in 2019 Feast with the guests at that night.
Security product development new engineIn 2018, During “XUELIANG Project” construction period, the China Public Safety Magazine has taken the opportunity to launch a new column “XUELIANG Project” ...
Not every effort will pay off. But every return must be paid!

In the era of IOT ”+”, We only have to constantly charge ourselves, to survive in this fast-growing society
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