Common Problems of Internet Ethernet Switch


1, How to choose and purchase the internet ethernet switch

The switch, the hub's successor product, is unparalleled in speed and functionality. Its main function is to realize the interconnection of many computers, which is equivalent to the role of "intermediator" mentioned above. And in household switch market today, because of different brands, different ports, the price of internet ethernet switch difference is very large.

So when purchasing, we should choose it according to our actual situation, for example, the way of networking, the price to bear, the brand, the shape of the switch, and so on. In addition, we must pay attention to all the switch performance indicators, such as the number of interfaces, generally speaking,internet ethernet switches with 5 ports and 8 ports are the first choice.

2, How to use internet ethernet switch: network card, network cable

Network card also known as NIC, which means Network interface card (network interface card), Its role is how to set up the internet ethernet switch data broken down into packets and send to the network. At present, the main market is the PCI interface of the network card. On the other hand, the 10M network card, 100M network card, 10M/ 100M adaptive network card and so on, are mainly divided according to the speed of the network card connection.

To synthesize the above, the most mature choice for home use today is the 10M/100M product of the PCI interface. The laptop is a network card with a PCMCIA interface, its price is much more expensive than the ordinary PCI network card of PC, a PCI network card can be taken down dozens of yuan, and PCMICA is usually to one hundred or two hundred yuan.

But in the network cable aspect, don't pay too much attention. In general, super category 5 twisted-pair wires will be chosen, when you buy, the merchant will make the joints for you according to your network type, so don't worry about it. The price of the wire is measured by length, generally 1.5 yuan/meter.