Can Manageable Gigabit Switch be Connected to Hundred Megabit Network Cable


Manageable Gigabit Switch can be connected to a 100 - megabit network cable, only this route can only use a hundred megabit network, it can not reach the level of gigabit.

Both gigabit and 100 megabit network cable are used in the T586B standard. (unless crossover lines are required between devices).

If you want to reach gigabit speed, it is best to use category six line for connecting manageable gigabit switch, category five line can not, ultra category five line looks at the quality of the line and the distance between transmission.

Here we need to introduce the performance of  category six line: 

Category six line: The transmission frequency of this type of cable is 1Mhz~250 Mhz, the synthetic attenuated crosstalk ratio(PS-ACR) of category six cabling systems should have a large margin at 200 MHz, which  provides twice as much bandwidth as the ultra category five. The transmission performance of category six cable is much higher than that of ultra category five standard, it is most suitable for applications where the transmission rate is higher than 1Gbps. One important difference between category six and ultra category five is that: it improves the performance in crosstalk and echo loss, for a new generation of full-duplex high-speed network applications, the excellent performance of echo loss is extremely important. The basic link model is eliminated in the category six standard,. the routing standard adopts the star topology, and the required routing distance is as follows: the length of the permanent link should not exceed 90 m, and the length of the channel should not exceed 100 m.

If you confirm that the hardware is working well. Try to set one or both of the ports to 100 M full - duplex / or half - duplex, it will be more stable.