Advantages of High POE Switch


1. Simplify wiring and save labor cost A single cable can satisfy data transmission and power supply at the same time. POE eliminates the need for expensive power supply and installation of power, which saves time and cost. 

2. Safe and convenient The POE power device will only supply power to the equipment that needs power supply. Only when connected to the equipment that needs power supply will Ethernet cable have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of electricity leakage on the line. Users can safely mix existing devices and POE devices on the network, these devices can coexist with the existing Ethernet cables.

3. Convenient for remote management Like data transmission, POE can monitor and control the device by using the simple network management protocol (SNMP). This function can provide functions such as night shutdown and remote restart. From a technical point of view, POE technology has developed in a very mature stage for many years. 

However, because the current monitoring market is under the pressure of cost, the quality of the selected POE switch or wire is too low, and the design itself is not reasonable, so the workload of the maintenance projects with POE power supply is very heavy, so these projects generally suffer from the instability of the POE power supply. The network monitoring project is different from the common network integrated wiring, the amount of the transmitted data is very large, the power is high, and the all-weather uninterrupted work is required, thus the POE equipment and wire with quality assurance are the guarantee of the stability of the whole system. If you have more questions about high POE switch, please contact us immediately!