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Teach you to Understand the Important Parameters and Indicators of PoE Powered Switches (First)

Speaking of Poe switches, it is necessary to mention some technical indicators for nominality, such as poe power supply, backplane bandwidth, packet forwarding rate, line speed forwarding and so on. What are the meanings of these indicators and what is the mathematical language to describe them?

The following are some important indicators of poe powered switch. I hope to help friends who do not know much about the switch understand the technical parameters nominated by the manufacturer, and master the basic methods of judging the performance of the poe powered switch, and select the products suitable for themselves.

1. What is line speed?

Line speed refers to the number of bits transmitted per second on the port of the switch in BPS unit (bit per second is the number of bits transmitted per second, a bit is a binary number 0 or 1). To illustrate with our common examples, for example, the 100M network card means that the network interface speed of the network card is 100Mbps; for example, the installed telecommunications broadband is 50M broadband, and the open port speed is 50Mbps.

Interrupt a digression - be careful not to confuse line speed with file download speed. When downloading files on a computer, the speed calculation is based on byte rather than bits. We usually say that the download speed can reach 2M byte per second, which means 2MBps. Capital B means byte and lowercase B means bit. So what's the difference between byte and bit? In fact, it's also very simple, 1 byte = 8 bits, which is the relationship of the eight times. For example, the 50M bandwidth of telecommunication broadband refers to its line speed is 50Mbps, but its download speed is not 50M, but the maximum can reach 6.25MBps.

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