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Suggestions on Purchase and Use of Poe Powered Switches

China is a big market where all kinds of products are flooding. The poe powered switches are no exception. There are numerous brands of poe powered switches in the market, which vary greatly in price and quality. Some people who are new to poe power supply think that as long as it's a poe powered switch, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, so in order to save costs, they often choose the lowest price after comparing many shops.

It's not that cheap is not good, cheap is also good, but after all, it is few. Generally speaking, the higher the price of a thing, the hardware, spare parts, accessories, chips using are all having high quality, guaranteed, while there are many hidden dangers and shortcomings in the cheap things. For poe powered switches, there may be many problems in the later period of use, such as unstable power supply, no power supply, after-sales.

What should we pay attention to when using it?

1. The first-class cable, which has been known to the people who has done, used and suffered losses.
The quality of network line is very important to the success of PoE power supply. Five kinds of network line, super five kinds of network line and six kinds of network line are generally recommended. The internal material of the wire is also very important. Do not use any aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, copper-clad iron wire, iron core wire, etc. Using pure copper wire is the best.

2. Distance within 80 meters

In theory, the distance of PoE power supply is 100 meters, but in view of the quality of the network in the market and the impact of the environment, the actual power supply distance is maintained within 80 meters as far as possible.

Summary: PoE power supply is only one of the power supply modes of many engineering projects. There are many other ways, which have their own applicability. It doesn't matter whether they are good or bad. We can choose to use them according to the needs of the project and the difficulty of construction.

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