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Some Common Problems and Solutions in the Use of Poe Switches

With the increasingly widespread use of network cameras, the installation and use requirements of different places are different, and the network cameras powered by poe are no longer unfamiliar. For the engineers, only one network line is needed for the poe powered switch, and there is no need to look for power outlets everywhere.

But in fact, after poor selection of materials, faults will continue to occur. So we should understand the poe camera line maintenance methods. When testing voltage, the load must be carried out. If the voltage is removed from the camera to test again, it is not advisable. Without load line, even if it is 10,000 meters voltage, the voltage will not be reduced, please remember that the voltage formulas is that V (Voltage) = I (Current) * R (Resistance), W = V * I (Power), which are very useful. If you can understand this, you will naturally know why it is no problem to remove the voltage from the load.

Testing power supply voltage is normal. When installed on the machine, it will produce current. The current will produce decline of the voltage. The larger the current, the greater the voltage drop. the final product current will become larger, resulting in product overcurrent damage, so sometimes the product is not necessarily damage by the high voltage, and overcurrent will also cause serious damage to the product.

Network cameras do not produce images. The problems may be as follows:

1. Wire wiring is too long or the resistance of the wire is too large (it is better not to use the five following  types).

2. Poe output power is not high enough (the power of general gun-type infrared mesh camera is about 3-8W)

3. The order of wiring is incorrect. The correct arrangement of wiring is that the crystal head contacts itself and the wire goes down. The order of wiring is orange-white, orange, green-white, blue-white, blue-white, green, brown-white and brown from left to right. These are just the faults caused by the wiring. In fact, if the wiring is not properly set up, they will also not appear image.

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