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Visible LCD PoE Switch

What's means Visible LCD PoE Switch?

It is Unipoe’s sole patented product, we experienced 2nd generation LCD display, 3rd generation LCD display with different features. Now, we supply a series of 8-port,16-port,24-port 10/100Mbps, each plus 2G UTP+2G SFP uplink ports; and a series of 8-port,16-port,24-port 10/100/1000Mbps, each plus 2G SFP uplink ports. They’re well used in the fields of CCTV surveillance, and wifi coverage.

What's the difference between 2nd generation LCD and 3rd generation LCD?

2nd generation LCD PoE: use white and black LCD display, it is in real time to show the PoE working condition for each port, the total PoE budget, and how is the balance power to distribute.

3rd generation LCD PoE: use colorful LCD display, it is not only to show the PoE working condition for each port but also multi-functions to setup via LCD display. The features like CCTV 250m, Vlan isolation, PD alive, PoE port power selection, PoE budget adjustment...etc.

It is smarter and reduces the time and cost for network people to maintain.
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