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Un-managed Switch

With no setup required,Unipoe's unmanaged Ethernet switches are truly plug-and-play. These unmanaged Ethernet switches are designed for use in demanding industrial environments, offering unmatched performance.

Unmanaged switches are the lowest cost and provide this basic switching functionality.  They do not need an IP address, and do not feature web page or SNMP management or any other advanced functions.

Unmanaged switches is good at the simplest setup. There are, quite literally, no options to configure before they're up and running. While these switches offer your network no prioritization of data, they are well-suited for scenarios in which there aren't advanced applications running and traffic is light—like small offices with 10 or fewer simultaneous users. In these situations, data congestion (and the need for data prioritization) is less of an issue. All that is required is a method of passing data from one device to another over your network.
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