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Un-Management PoE Switch

Unipoe’s Unmanaged PoE switches can supply four RJ45 Ethernet ports each with 30 Watt to reduce installation investment and costs, auto detects powered device (PD). They support 9.6 kB jumbo frames, which further raises the performance of a network.

What's the feature of our unmanaged poe gigabit switch?

1.Support PSE port priority  to ensure the continued supply of key nodes in the network. 
2.Support IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control and Backpressure half-duplex flow control; 
3.Support IEEE802.3az energy-efficient ;
4.Support VLAN mode and CCTV mode, Which allows users to choose different application according to the environment, and improve network security and prevent network storm.

What's the advantage of our unmanaged gigabit switch poe?

Plug and play: The PoE technology helps users to deploy PD only with one cable to supply power and high-speed transmissions at the same time without power-socket restriction.

High power budget: Unipoe unmanaged poe gigabit switch support the PoE Plus standards providing up to 30 watts of power per port for advanced Powered Devices (PD) like 802.11ac wireless APs and video IP phones.

Intelligent PoE technology: The intelligent PoE technology enables more efficient use of power resources to deliver better ROI for businesses.

PoE scheduling: Unipoe fully managed PoE switches feature PoE scheduling to supply power to devices only during working hours, saving energy and money.

Smart PD prioritization: The Unipoe PoE switch is capable of adjusting power classification of the PD to make sure PDs function well and to offer businesses with a reliable PoE solution.
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