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Ultra PoE Switch

What's means Ultral Power PoE?

This is based on the populated PoE switch, which supports IEEE802.3at standard with each port 30W power.

But now, we launched a series of 8-port, 16-port,24-port ultra poe switch, which supports IEEE802.3bt standard with each port 60W power. Or designed 1-2 port, 1-4 port ,1-8 port with 60W power output, balance ports with 30W power output. They’re used on some kinds of project, which requires high power to the PD device,i.e high speed dome, advertisement monitor.

This series of high PoE switch designed with LCD display, it displays the PoE working condition in real time, how many watts of power used to each port, how much of the balance power can be used. All of them designed with surge protection up to 4-6KV by different models. The MTBF up to 7-8 years.

Unipoe presents you with various ultra PoE switch for your selection.

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