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PoE Injector&Splitter

Ethernet Accessory included PoE injector, PoE splitter, PoE extender, which well-improved use in a cabling system, CCTV surveillance, WiFi coverage.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) accessories let networks pass electricity through Ethernet cables. A PoE accessory is typically a switch or power entry module for the endspan of a system, or a midspan device like an injector used to boost power transmission over long distances. PoE accessories help minimize the number of cords and cables that connect devices to a network. PoE systems reduce device damage from power surges and brownouts, and reduce energy inefficiency. 

Unipoe manufactures a full assortment of Power over Ethernet accessories including switches and midspan devices. PoE solutions range from splitters, injectors to extender . 

Whether you are converting, replacing, or expanding your PoE system, Unipoe offers all the PoE accessory options for your network. From switches and power entry modules to multi-port high power injectors, PoE accessories from Unipoe can cut your cabling costs, protect your devices from power fluctuations, and reduce your energy bills.

PoE Splitter: Splits a networked PoE signal into separate power and Gigabit data sources, provides safe and reliable power over existing Ethernet infrastructure, and supports high power over 2-pairs; up to 30W input. This PoE splitter enables you to run Ethernet cables directly from a PoE switch over long distances.

PoE extender: Ethernet has a limited cable length between the switch and the camera of 100m (328 ft.). When needed to cover a longer distance, a switch is normally used as a repeater, or optical fiber may be used.

PoE Injector: Reduces the wiring cost of AC power by using standard CAT5 cable to carry both power and data to PoE and PoE+ devices.
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