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BT 60-90W PoE Switch P6-S26GL V3

BT 60-90W PoE Switch P6-S26GL V3
BT 60-90W PoE Switch P6-S26GL V3
High Power PoE Switch P6-S26 GL V3 is designed by UNIPOE company. It’s an Ethernet switch which has the function of LCD and PoE. The PoE Switch provides intelligent PoE functions along with24*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port and 2 gigabit SFP SFP optical fiber Slot which support high-speed transmission of surveillance images and videos. The PoE ports can automatically detect and supply power to IEEE802.3bt/af/at compliant Powered Devices (PD). The electrical power and data transmission on the same cable can expand your network to the places where no power lines or outlets, where you can install devices such as APs, IP cameras, or IP phones etc.
High Power PoE Switch P6-S26 GL V3 support colorful LCD Display. The colorful LCD can display the PoE work status, accurate judgment port of load, can help customer and engineer timely discover and solve the network failure, improve work efficiency and quality.

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Product Specifications                           


P6-S26GL V3


IEEE 802.3IEEE 802.3uIEEE 802.3ab IEEE 802.3zIEEE 802.3xIEEE 802.3bt/af/at


24*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port

2*1000Mbps SFP slot

PoE port

1~ 4 Port: 60W


PoE budget

P6-S26GL V3:380W

Power total

P6-S26GL V3:420W

RJ45 PoE power supply

1~ 4 Port: Mode A   Anode1/2   Cathode3/6  Mode B   Anode4/5   Cathode7/8

5~16/20 Port: Mode A   Anode1/2   Cathode3/6

LCD display function

LCD real-time display PoE working condition

PoE output-port

Max 60W



Network media

10BASE-T: UTP category 3,4,5 cable≤100m

100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable≤100m

1000BASE-T: UTP category 5e, 5 cable≤100m

MAC Address Table

8KAutomatic study, automatic updates

jumbo frame

9216 Bytes

Packet buffer

4.1M bit

Transfer Mode


Packet forwarding rate

P6-S26GL V3: 38.69Mpps


P6-S26GL V3: 52G



Device Dimension


Machine weight


green energy saving


mains input

100~240V AC 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 60 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 °C ~ 70 °C

Operating Humidity

10% ~ 90%  non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5% ~ 90% non-condensing

Surge Protection





>50000 hour

Electrostatic standard

Contact 6KV,air 8KV

LCD Features

P6-S18/26GL V3 is with the function of the LCD display and PoE Ethernet switch. The LCD not only display the working condition of PoE port, but also accurately show the state of each port, such as: Output power, Overload, Short circuit, Light load, Low voltage, Over voltage,High temperature, and so on...

In addation, The third generation colorful LCD display add colorful logo display, upload and download speed of every port and ten interface setting functions base on the second generation LCD Display. The ten interface setting functions is include of Switch Mode, Band Width Warning, PD Type Setting, PSE Power Fine, PSE Port Priority, PSE Port Enable, Fan Control, Language, Factory Setting, Factory Setting,See the operation manual of the screen, The picture is only displayed with this information. The data is incomplete.

Ordering information


product information

P6-S26GL V3

24-port Gigabit+2G SFP PoE switch with V3 LCD display 20-Port PoE1~4 Port : 60W5~20 Port: 32W Support 802.3bt/af/at Standard


Product Features

  • Complies with IEEE802.3bt/af/at Power over Ethernet;
  • 1~4 Port PoE output: 60W,5~16/20 Port PoE output: 32W ;
  • Supports colorful LCD display;
  • Supports IEEE802.3az high efficiency and energy saving function;
  • Supports Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) function (IEEE802.3az) ;
  • Perfect security mechanism;
  • Supports IEEE802.3 x full duplex flow control and Backpressure half duplex flow control;
  • Supports VLAN function and CCTV model;
  • 8K MAC address, automatic address learning and address aging;
  • Operation Temperature:-10°C ~ 60 °C;

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  • EMAIL:info@unipoe.com
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