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Working Principle of Ethernet Switch

POE Ethernet switches work on the second layer of the OSI network reference model (i.e. data link layer), which is a network device based on MAC(Media Access Control) address recognition, complete Ethernet data frame forwarding.

The socket on the poe ethernet switch used to link computers or other devices is called a port. The computer connects to the port of the switch through the network cable through the network card. Each port of the network card, switch, and router has a MAC address that is solidified by the device manufacturer in the device's EPROM.Mac is assigned by iEEE and each MAC address is globally unique. The MAC address is a 48 bit binary, the first 24 bits by the device manufacturer identified, and the last 24 bits self-assigned  by the manufacturer's own serial number.

The working process of the poe ethernet switch can be summarized as "learning, memory, receiving, lookup, forwarding" and other aspects: Learn to know the MAC address of the device connected on each port; The corresponding relation between MAC address and port number is "memory" in memory to produce MAC address table; After receiving a data frame from a port, "finds" the port number corresponding to the destination MAC address in the MAC address table, and then "forwards" the data frame from the found port

The poe ethernet switch splits the conflict domain, and each port becomes an independent conflict domain. If each port has a large amount of data to send, the port stores the received data to the register and then sends it out when it is the turn to send.
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