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What Is POE Ethernet Switch?

POE Ethernet switch is the switch that transmits data based on Ethernet. Ethernet adopts a LAN based on shared bus transmission media. The  structure of poe ethernet switch is that each port is directly connected to the host, and generally works in full duplex.The switch can connect many pairs of ports at the same time, so that each pair of hosts communicating with each other can transmit data without conflict like the exclusive communication media. Ethernet consists of three network interfaces: RJ-45 interface This interface is most widely used. Because it fits the cable, transmission medium fabrication is simple, the transmission rate is fast.

The supporting duplex work mode is complete. BNC The transmission medium used is a thin coaxial cable, it is not common at present. Don't assume that ethernet is a RJ-45 interface, it's just that twisted-pair RJ-45 interfaces are very common in network devices. AUI The transmission medium used is coarse coaxial cable.

At present, radio and television broadband use coaxial cable as network transmission medium, the scope is not wide. In order to give consideration to the network connection of coaxial cable medium on the basis of RJ-45 interface, the BNC or AUI interface is provided. POE Ethernet switch is the most widely used, cheaper, and has a complete range of grades. So it's a very wide range of applications. They can be seen in  large and small local area networks. POE Ethernet switch usually has several to dozens of ports, essentially a multi-port bridge. In addition, its port rate can be different, the mode of operation can be different, for example, it can provide 10M/ 100M bandwidth, half-duplex, full-duplex, adaptive mode of working and so on.
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