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What is more of a Managed Switch than a Fool Switch?

Now that the network is so popular, the demand for switches becomes more and more important. There are so many types of switches on the market, and we have analyzed how to distinguish switches according to different situations before. But when we browse the name, we will also find that many switch profiles are written about managed switches and non-network managed switches. The literal meaning of these switches is quite obvious. Here the author summarizes what this "network management" does.

Non-Network management switch

First of all, let's talk about the non-network management switch, which is also called the fool switch. In short, it does not deal with data directly, just plug in the line. Non-NMS switches belong to data link layer devices. They can identify the MAC address information in data packets, then forward it according to the MAC address, and record these MAC addresses and corresponding ports in an address table within themselves. Its advantage is that it is easy to use, plug and play, can be used in large numbers in series for high PC equipment intensive use, cheap and cost-saving.

Managed switches

Managed switch literally means a switch that can be managed by network. There are three kinds of management modes: serial port management, Web management and network management software management. The data of the managed switch is configured by the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP protocol is the most widely used network management protocol based on TCP/IP network. It can filter the address, port, protocol type and service of data, and usually has VLAN partition function.

The task of managed switches is to keep all network resources in good condition. Managed switch products provide a variety of network management methods, such as Console, Web page and Telnet remote login network. Therefore, network managers can monitor the switch's working status and network running status locally or remotely in real time, and manage the working status and mode of all switching ports globally.

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