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What Is A Manageable Network Switch?

Manageable Network Switch and hubs are important connecting devices in today's local area networks. Managed switches: are network devices used for electrical signal forwarding. It provides an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes that access the switch.

It is an upgraded product of the hub. It is basically not much different from the hub in appearance and they are all rectangular box-shaped bodies with multiple ports. The switch is a technical term for sending the information to be transmitted to the corresponding route that meets the requirements by means of manual or automatic completion of the information according to the needs of the two ends of the communication. A generalized switch is a device that performs information exchange functions in a communication system.

According to the manageability of the switches, they can be divided into manageable network switch and non-manageable switches. The difference between them is the support for network management protocols such as SNMP and RMON. Manageable switches are convenient for network monitoring, but the cost is relatively high.

Large and medium-sized networks should choose manageable network switches at the aggregation layer, the switches at the access level should depend on the needs, the switches at the core layer are all manageable switches. Features of switches and hubs lie in a star structure, it is the intermediate node of the connection, which amplifies the signal. All devices share the bandwidth of the Hub. That is, if the bandwidth of the hub is 10M, 10 devices are connected, and each device is 1M. All ports of the Hub share a MAC address.
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