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Unipoe Manageable Gigabit Switch

With the innovation of video surveillance technology, 1080P resolution has become mainstream,  the transport bit stream rises above 4 Mbps, if the Manageable Gigabit Switch used in the surveillance field stays at a 100-megabit switch transmission level, then the stuck video will produce. A 100-megabit switch usually has no gigabit connection, relative to a hundred megabytes, the transmission rate increased more than 10 times to avoid the stuck video.

Do you often find that sometimes a certain number of pictures often appear stuck, the stuck phenomenon disappeared again after some time, the other ones are starting to get video stuck again, and sometimes all the screen footages are smooth. Because take the most common 8-port 100-megabit manageable gigabit switch as an example, all the way up, the other seven channels connect 1080P, 4 Mbps video stream camera, When all cameras have burst traffic, the instant burst stream can rush up to the 50 Mbps or so, the uplink transmission rate required at this moment is 50*7=350Mbps, which is much higher than transmission rate of 100-megabit port.

At this moment, there will produce a number of stuck pictures. When the burst traffic disappears, these have no stuck pictures.

Manageable Gigabit Switch all-line speed forward monitor switch says goodbye to stuck video
If you want to make the surveillance screen in the security project disappear, please select the gigabit switch. All manageable gigabit series monitor special switch adopt gigabit port, combining large cache design and aggregation technology, it can increase the transmission rate by 10 times, which effectively guarantees the real-time video transmission and completely solves the vide transmission of the stuck phenomenon.
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