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The First Day of Secrity China

Autumn is coming
At the same time, the 14th SECURITY CHINA  is held in Beijing China
Official Announcement
We, UNIPOE, are ready


The 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018(Security China 2018)

It will be held in China International Exhibition Center (New Center), on October 23–26, 2018, in Beijing, P.R. China, which is the biggest security distribution and procurement center in China, and would be mainly focus on the big market in North area of China, and also provide a big platform for the exhibitors to meet the government level buyers and high management for purchasing in different industries.

UNIPOE Exhibition Booth Broadcast


Enterprise core switch

  • 100,000 hours of continuous and stable operation
  • 0~50 °C experimental environment is stable
  • Dual power redundancy backup is more reliable
  • High surge suppression is safer
  • Dual main control board expansion application is more flexible

UNIPOE RUIZ4000 Series
10G commercial-grade switch

  • The industry's highest port density
  • Excellent advantages of project application
  • Compatible with mainstream products on the market
  • Affordable products’ hardware and software configuration

Layer 2 aggregation switch
  • Large cache capacity
  • High backplane bandwidth
  • Web simple management and configuration
  • Multicast video stream optimization is not stuck

SERIES Layer 2 switch
  • Remote controllable
  • Power supply time can be set
  • Port timing switch can be controlled
  • Port power supply priority configurable

SERIES Visible POE switch
  • Port status is visible
  • POE status is visible
  • Real-time connection rate visible

Wireless AP series
  • WLAN monitoring / network isolation
  • WIFI economical bridge network
  • Elevator monitoring bridge network
  • Mesh practical WIFI network
  • Remote monitoring of bridged networks
  • WIFI frequency hopping network

The SFP series
  • Optical fiber security network
  • FTTD/FTTH/FTTB network
  • 0-120KM ultra long distance network
  • 0-100G full range of products
  • Compatible with all major brands in the market

  • 100,000 hours stable without network drop
  • -40℃-85℃ Extreme wide temperature range design
  • 15 days rapid hot and cold cycle test
  • 6KV lightning protection 8KV electrostatic contact protection standard

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