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POE Power Switch: What's the Difference between 100 Mbp and Gigabit Power Supply?

We know that ordinary switches can only transmit data signals, while PoE switches have both power supply functions and direct power supply to subordinate terminals. Including providing direct current power to wireless AP, network camera and so on, so that it can avoid complicated wiring links. At the same time, when using PoE switch to build the network, the construction safety is strong, and there is no need for circuit management. It is possible to avoid power safety accidents.

PoE switch is favored by engineers because of its security and convenience in network construction. Most of the ordinary POEs on the market are 100-megabit interfaces. However, with the development of wireless transmission technology, 802.11AC devices are upgraded and Gigabit PoE switches are becoming more and more popular. This means that they have the same level requirements for the POE to supply power, that is, the POE to supply power must also use the Gigabit PoE switch. At present, according to its application category, it is mainly divided into: PoE power supply equipment (PoE switch); 2, PoE power receiving equipment (such as IP telephone).

In the past two years, Gigabit PoE switches have emerged in the market, which makes further power transmission requirements satisfied. In order to extend the power supply distance of PoE, only one device is needed, which has both the power receiving function of PoE and the power supply function of PoE, so that the original transmission distance of PoE can be doubled.

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