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Introduction of Managed Gigabit Switch

The new intelligence of the managed gigabit switch is essential for the network of large and medium-sized enterprises. With the advent of Gigabit Ethernet technology, the structure and performance of managed gigabit Internet switches have changed greatly. At present, the exchange speed of high-performance switches has improved greatly, part of the routing functions have also been added to them. Some gigabit network switches even have the function of network security firewall, and their interface of network management software also becomes more intuitive. Separate management, control and data plane With integrated network service gigabit network switch structure, all data forwarding tasks are fulfilled with high-speed customized ASIC modules at wire speed. Data forwarding tasks are divided into two major tasks: control and management. Control and management tasks are subdivided into time-critical and non-time-critical tasks. On the distributed RISC processor matrix, what the lightweight processing processes are all time-critical tasks. Many distributed services can be obtained through direct integrated programmable hardware access, such as directory services, authentication services, firewall services, address allocation services, and location services. All of the necessary information used to control network applications can be provided to managed gigabit Internet switches in this way, so managed gigabit Internet switches do not need any additional protocols or complementary services.
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