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Introduction of Industrial Switch POE

Industrial switch POE is also known as industrial Ethernet switches, which are Ethernet switch devices used in industrial control applications. Due to the adopted network standards, its openness, wide application and low price, and the use of transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

HP Industrial switch POE has carrier-class performance characteristics and can withstand harsh working conditions. With a wide range of products and flexible port configurations, it can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The product is designed with wide temperature and protection level not less than IP30. It supports standard and proprietary ring redundancy protocols.

Industrial Ethernet itself is not fundamentally different from commercial networks in terms of data link layer, network layer, and protocol layer. However, for the real-time requirements of industrial control, Industrial Ethernet solves technical problems such as real-time communication, network security, intrinsic safety and safety explosion-proof technology, and adopts some measures suitable for industrial environments, such as waterproof and vibration-resistant...The core is not essentially different from commercial Ethernet, which is the same as the difference between PC and IPC.

Industrial switch POE is widely used in industrial applications, mainly in coal mine safety, rail transit, factory automation, water treatment systems, and urban security.
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