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Innovation of Managed Gigabit Switch

Dynamic exchange editor/exchange control distributor At present, some route managed gigabit switch no longer use the self-closed operating system but the open network operating systems like WindowsNT, which provides a convenient and open public software platform for integration such as advanced management, security, naming, asynchronous computing environment transmission, etc., and facilitate the network managers' operation and management of the system. The dynamic exchange editor is responsible for the WindowsNT dynamic assembling control and management, service information and specific hardware instructions. These instructions are downloaded to the exchange control distributor where they can be distributed to the forwarding or policy filtering tables that exchange ASIC. Providing ATM options At present, the backbone network of the public area network is mostly ATM. In order to connect the Ethernet LAN with the ATM backbone network seamlessly, the managed gigabit network switch must provide the ATM integrated options. Taking Fore's ESX switch as an example, it maps the domain services provided to ATM by application technology through its unique "application relation" switching capabilities, thus giving full play to the strength of the multi-service ATM core. ESX gigabit network switches can provide high-quality transmission for composite applications in a mixed environment of the multimedia stream, voice, frame and cell, and the implementation of data transmission does not require any changes to the application itself. As long as the user chooses the ATMOC-12c interface, the corresponding ATM connection protocol can be supported.
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