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How to Choose Suitable Gigabit POE Switch?

In addition to the functions of ordinary switches, gigabit POE switches have the POE power supply function, which can supply power to network cameras (IPC), wireless AP and other network devices, so that they are free of complex power wiring. To choose the right POE switch, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Power supply standard Determining the power supply protocol (such as 802.3af, 802.3at, or non-standard POE) supported by the receiving terminal (AP or IPC), the power supply protocol supported by the switch needs to be consistent with the that of the receiving terminal. The single port output power of the 802.3af standard POE switch is 15.4W, and the single port input power of the 802.3at standard POE switch is 30W. The 802.3at standard POE switch is recommended for the large power receiving equipment. In addition to the power supply protocol and the single port output power, the overall power of the POE switch also needs to be taken into account, the greater the total power, the stronger the power supply (the maximum power supply must be greater than the total power of the receiving end). PS: Our current POE switch power supply protocol supports two kinds of 802.3af and 802.3at (self-adaptation matching receiver).

2. Physical port The number of the port of different gigabit POE switches are different, which ranges from 4 to 24. Please consider the number of POE power ports you need according to the number of receiving terminals.

3. Transmission rate The transmission rate of the POE switch can be divided into Megabyte and Gigabit. The maximum rate required by the port needs to be considered according to the receiving terminal and business requirements. In general, the performance of a Gigabit POE switch is superior to a hundred megabyte POE switch, for example, if the monitoring device is equipped with an HD camera, but the bandwidth is not enough to support the high definition transmission, there will be a packet loss, which affects the monitoring effect (delay, Caton). To achieve HD and smooth effect, the Gigabit POE switch should be used.

4. Manageability Gigabit POE switches can be divided into network managed POE switch and basic POE switch. The basic POE switch is mainly to provide POE power supply ports, it can be directly used without configuration; in addition to providing POE power supply, network managed POE switches can also flexibly configure port power supply time and priority, and can specify a more reasonable power supply plan.
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