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How much do you Know about the Characteristics and Advantages of Industrial PoE Switches?

Industrial PoE switch is based on the existing industrial Ethernet switch. It can provide power and data transmission for terminal network equipment by embedding PoE power supply chip and PoE network management function. At the same time, it can realize power supply dispatch of terminal equipment PoE through remote management. It provides faster and safer transmission applications for industrial network applications. Therefore, when network equipment is deployed in the industrial field, the stability of commercial switches will be challenged greatly in the face of harsh working environment and serious electromagnetic interference. As a result, industrial PoE switches with high reliability, stability and security emerge as the times require, and become a transmission tool that can adapt to complex industrial environment and facilitate the deployment of industrial automation network.

Because the industrial PoE switch can withstand harsh working environment, rich product series and flexible port configuration, it can meet the needs of various industrial control fields. With the rapid development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, the demand for industrial PoE exchanges in all walks of life is also growing.

The main advantages are:
1. Using industrial PoE components
2. Fast loop network and fast redundancy
3. Super-strong anti-jamming performance
4. Adapt to wide temperature environment
5. Design of redundant power supply
6. Long service life.

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