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Gigabit Switch Managed is No Stranger

Once upon a time, gigabit switch managed was the aristocrats of network equipment for us. With the promotion of many manufacturers in recent years, the price gradually towards the civilian, and ushered in a rapid development stage.

At present, mainstream network vendors have pushed out fixed-configured all-gigabit switches, also, in the product camp of many network manufacturers, fixed-configured all-gigabit switches have become more and more important.

The demand for gigabit ports in the market is rising, it is predicted that global demand for gigabit ports will outweigh the demand for 100-megabit ports this year. One of the most important reasons is that the cost of gigabit ports is falling every year, and the decline from 2004 to 2007 is significant, in the future, the decline range will gradually slow down, and the demand market for fixed allocation of all gigabit switch managed will show a sharp upward trend. According to the views of some consultants, the price of gigabit ports can be sold on a large scale as long as it reaches 1.6 times the price of a 100-megabit port, and now it is getting closer to that data. This market trend urges network manufacturers to pay more and more attention to all gigabit switches.

By this token, all gigabit switch managed has occupied more and more important position, and must play a more and more important role in the network construction of users.

Gigabit network switch is popular in cyber bars

Sales of gigabit switch managed are rising, its growth point is obvious in small and medium-sized enterprises and cyber bars, especially the newly built cyber bars in the last two years. Almost all choose the implementation scheme of gigabit network, so gigabit's popularity and to a large extent played an important role in cyber bars. Of course, such as telecommunications industry, campus network construction, metropolitan area network construction is also indispensable.

Since the Internet bar industry has been so popular in recent years, let's talk about the construction of the gigabit network!

Analyze the demand of the Internet bar to the equipment.

Internet cafe is a dense place for entertainment with a high rate of use, in particular, some Internet cafes are open 24 hours all day, it can be imagined that switches, routers, and other devices will need to be continuously used, so that it depends on the equipment itself's ability to handle heat dissipation.

In addition to considering heat dissipation and data processing capability when purchasing the switch, we also need to consider from a variety of functions. For example: does the network of Internet cafes need gigabit ports to connect to the server? Is it necessary to divide the population of users in different areas? Do you need a port mirror to connect to the department that oversees the Internet bar? All these factors are the problems that the owners and administrators of Internet cafes need to consider.

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