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Differences Between Managed and Unmanaged Internet Switches

Every network device has a unique identifier, that is, the MAC address. It is the MAC address that makes the switch have better recognition ability than the hub. When the switch is just on power, its initial performance has no difference from that of the hub, it broadcasts all the communication content like the hub. But as the network devices transmit information through different ports of the switch, the switch begins to monitor the communication content, identifies which MAC address is related to which port, and then makes identifications in the MAC address table.

Once the switch finds that the MAC address of a device is connected to a particular port, it monitors the information related to that MAC address and sends the information to that specific address only.

When the MAC address table is completed, there is no difference in the handling of unicast and broadcast communications between a managed switch and an unmanaged switch.

One of the main differences between managed internet switch and unmanaged switches is their handling of multicast communication. Multicast communication usually comes from the intelligent devices installed on the factory process network, which adopts the technology of manufacturer / user-oriented connection model. In this case, the connection is only the relationship between two or more nodes of the network.
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