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Differences Between Industrial POE Switch and Common Switch

The differences between industrial POE switch and common switch are mainly reflected in their function and performance. The environment of the industrial site is worse than the ordinary environment, which can be reflected in the vibration, the humidity, and the temperature. The common switches have no ability to resist all kinds of bad conditions in the industrial environment, and they can not work in such a bad environment for a long time, otherwise, they are easy to fail and raise the cost of maintenance, thus business switches are not recommended to be used in the industrial environment. In order to enable the switch to be used in the bad environment, industrial switches are invented.

When the power fails or the port is interrupted, the relay of the industrial POE switches outputs and alarms, the redundant dual DC power inputs, and the active circuit protection and the over-voltage and under-voltage automatic circuit breaker protection will be started (reliability varies slightly depending on the type). The difference in function mainly refers to: The industrial POE switch is more similar to the industrial network communication in function, such as the interconnection with various field buses, the redundancy of equipment and the real-time of the equipment, while the difference in performance is mainly reflected in the different parameters adapting to the environment. In addition to a lot of particularly harsh industrial environments like coal and ships, there are other environments that have special requirements for the EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference), temperature, humidity, dust, etc. Among them, the temperature has the most extensive influence on industrial network equipment.
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